Frequently Asked Questions

Opal Classification

What is Solid Opal (Class A) show

Opal that has been mined and is presented in one piece either in its naturally occurring state or after being cut and polished. It has not been chemically treated and has no other materials cemented to it other than by nature.

What is Laminated Opal (Class B) show

A thin layer of solid opal that is fixed to a base of opaque material (a doublet), or a doublet with a fixed clear top (a triplet) We do not stock triplets.

What is Matrix Opal (Class C1) show

A host rock is impregnated with natural opal which cannot be readily separated from the host rock. This classification includes doublets and triplets containing matrix opal but does not include any item of or containing treated opal.

What is Treated Opal (Class C2) show

Solid opal or matrix opal that has been treated chemically or by other means to enhance its appearance. This classification includes doublets and triplets containing treated opal.

What is Synthetic Opal show

Material that has the same chemical and physical structure and the same appearance as naturally occurring opal, but which has been manufactured. This classification includes doublets and triplets containing synthetic opal. As opal miners we are totally opposed to Synthetic/Plastic Opal. We are constantly dismayed at how many customers we speak to who have purchased this material without being told that it is NOT natural opal.

where are we?

Where are your retail outlets show

We have two retail outlets: coober pedy:- miners direct, shop 24/25 hutchison street, coober pedy, 5723 and Adelaide:- rockson, shop 3, 348 seaview road, henley beach, sa, 5022

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