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In the 1960's came a wave of European Pioneers to many regional areas of Australia, in the quest to leave the grind of factory life in the Cities and adorn themselves with adventure and riches.

Coober Pedy was the destination for the Kountouris family. Konstantinos the elder, George the Son-In-Law, Uncle Jimmy and today, the second generation george kountouris who still mines every day open cut style. 

in the early days of the 1970's Very few of the early opal miners had knowledge and it was trial and error. miners Lived in hostile conditions at the Eleven Mile Opal Field in a tin shed with gas fridges and if you were fortunate kerosene powered lighting as our family did. Many arrived, many departed with broken dreams, others filled sugar bags full of opal. Coober Pedy was well underway to becoming the Opal Capital of the World.

The Kountouris family have always mined for alluvial opal (shallow opal bearing levels), They have mined and prospected all over the North of South Australia. One of the few early miners in the 70's to go to Mintabe Opal Field, Vesuvius, Lambina and Wantinna.

We are currently working with dozer's and excavator's at Emu field where the opal bearing seam and verticals can appear in pockets from four feet deep to the deepest level of this opal field of 28 feet. This field is also renowned for its opalised fossils and quality of colour pattern and importantly it's strength.

All our opals are mined, cut and set by the family. Our boulder opal is in partnership at the Winton and Yowah fields of Queensland. Most of the opal from our ventures are distributed into the wholesale world markets to dealers, cutters and jewellers. 'opalnow' offers lovers of opal the enjoyment of obtaining this amazing gem from people who are equally are lovers of Opal.

coming soon:  live web cam feeds of our opal mining adventures with our new gopro. see the opal being taken out of the wall.

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